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dog allergies in lake city, fl

How To Spot Dog Allergies in Lake City, FL

Allergies are an overreaction of the body’s immune system to allergens. Allergens are usually proteins from plants and animals, such as dander or pollen. Over time, exposure to these allergens can cause sensitivity and unnecessary reaction. Histamines are released in this reaction which begins inflammation. Inflammation leads to itching, swelling, and redness. This may sound…

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When to See An Emergency Vet in Lake City, FL

One of the biggest confusions about a pet’s health for owners is when to see an emergency veterinarian. It can be difficult to tell if your pet’s condition warrants an emergency, or if it is serious but can wait for an appointment at your regular clinic. Especially when pets typically hide or downplay their pain.…

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Cat & Dog Boarding Preparation Tips in Lake City, FL

            The process of boarding a pet can be more involved than it might seem. It becomes trickier when each cat and dog boarding facility in Lake City varies in their requirements prior to acceptance. Often, the better the facility, the more they will require of the pet’s medical history and proof from a veterinarian…

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Signs Your Dog Needs Teeth Cleaning in Lake City, FL

            You might have noticed lately that your dog has terrible breath. It was not always like this. Your canine used to have pearly whites and humid but fresh breath. Now if the car windows are not down, you are choking on hot stinky air. It is difficult to let your sweet mutt kiss you…

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Most Important Dog Vaccinations in Lake City, FL

Ensuring the proper health of one’s pet is vital. Other than providing food, water, shelter, and love, anyone with the privilege of having an animal in their life should know the basic responsibility of vaccinations. Without them, there could be fatal or otherwise serious consequences. There are a series of recommended shots, some more important…

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