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Promoting Better Health with
Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning in Lake City, FL

Cat and dog teeth cleaning are essential to their health and well-being. Dogs and cats use their mouths to do just about everything: eat, drink, play, and even protect themselves. When their mouth is damaged due to oral decay and dental disease, it can seriously affect their quality of life as well as cause debilitating pain. That is why we offer cat and dog teeth cleaning services to pets in the Lake City, FL area. At Lake City Animal Hospital, we take a proactive approach to dental care to prevent disease and offer effective treatment to treat any signs we do see of illness. Call us today at (386) 755-0236.

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Signs of Dental Disease in Dogs and Cats

If your cat or dog has any one of these symptoms, call us to make an appointment.

  • Bad breath
  • Discolored teeth
  • Reddened gums
  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Chewing on only one side
  • Disinterest in chew toys
  • Shies away from being touched on or near the mouth
  • Loose or missing teeth

If left untreated, dental disease can cause other serious problems to your pet’s systemic health including heart, liver, or kidney damage, blood infection, bone infection, weakening of the jaw, and more.

How to Prevent Dental Disease in Dogs and Cats

Dental disease is 100% preventable. With some diligence on your part and routine trips to the vet, you can play an active role in preventing this potentially dangerous disease. Here are some steps you can take to improve your pet’s dental care:

  1. Brush your pet’s teeth every day. We know this can be a challenge, but it's one of the best ways to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Start slow and ease your pet into it. With enough patience, they'll learn to accept it!
  2. Supplement their diet with dental chews or treats. Many chews and treats are designed to loosen and remove plaque and tartar with every bite. These are a useful alternative if your pet won't accept teeth brushing.
  3. Ask your vet about putting them on a prescription dental diet. Some diets are made specifically for tartar control. Ask your vet if this would be a good option for your pet.
  4. Keep up annual vet visits. During every wellness exam, your vet will check your pet's oral health, which is important for catching dental disease early and getting your pet the treatment they need before things get worse.
  5. Schedule routine professional cat or dog teeth cleanings. We'll recommend routine teeth cleanings depending on the progression of dental disease. These cleanings are very thorough and similar to your own dental hygiene experience at the dentist.
cat and dog teeth cleaning in lake city fl

Our Professional Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Services in Lake City, FL

For the safety and comfort of your pet, general anesthesia is used for dental procedures. Every dental procedure is performed with the same safety protocols as surgeries to ensure a smooth and safe experience for your pet.

Our procedure includes:

  • A thorough examination to check for signs of disease like periodontal pockets, tooth decay, etc.
  • Ultrasonic scaling of each tooth to remove plaque and tartar
  • Polishing of the enamel to reduce future tartar build-up
  • Application of fluoride and/or sealants to further protect teeth if necessary
  • Extractions of diseased or damaged teeth*

We’ll always check with you before performing extractions, and every patient will get appropriate pain medication to minimize discomfort after an extraction procedure.

Have questions about our professional cat and dog teeth cleaning services, or need to make an appointment? Call us at (386) 755-0236 today!