Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Plans in Lake City, FL

Pet wellness plans involves annual or semi-annual cat and dog exams with your veterinarian that allow us to consistently evaluate your pet’s well-being. Dogs and cats naturally hide signs of illness, which makes early detection difficult without in-depth diagnostics. With regular visits, we’re able to catch any underlying problems early with blood work and a thorough exam — and then treat them before they get worse (and more difficult to treat!) Call us at (386) 755-0236 to get started on your pet's wellness plan.

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pet wellness plans in lake city, fl

What to Expect at an Exam

At your pet’s wellness exam, we take a comprehensive approach to assess your pet’s health.

We’ll often perform:

  • A complete physical exam
  • Vaccinations if due
  • Age-appropriate blood work
  • A fecal exam
  • Heartworm testing (for dogs)
  • Tick-borne illness screening (if needed)
  • Urinalysis (if needed)

We’ll also talk to you about the following topics:

Common Concerns in Our Area

Parasites and allergies are two top concerns in our mild tropical climate. Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and heartworms (with are transferred through the bite of an infected mosquito), are a threat all year long in Florida. These critters can make your pet uncomfortable with itchy skin and can even transmit disease. To keep your pet well, parasite prevention is recommended all year.

Furthermore, allergies are another common problem our pets face due to our abundance of plant life that is active the whole year. Allergies in dogs and cats cause itchy, irritated skin that can be severe. Hair loss, scabby skin, and secondary infections are common. Luckily, we are experienced in pet allergy management and offer several treatments to relieve the itch.