Cat and Dog Microchip in Lake City, FL

Millions of dogs and cats go missing from their homes every year, and many don’t return. Having your pet microchipped can greatly increase their chances of being found, taken to an animal hospital or shelter by a good samaritan, and scanned for a microchip. For years now, cat and dog microchips have been helping families reunite with their beloved pets. The procedure is simple, the chip is tiny and lasts up to 25 years, and all you have to do is register your contact information under your pet’s chip number to make them traceable to you.

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dog microchip in lake city, fl

How do Microchips Work?

Each cat and dog microchip is tiny--no bigger than a grain of rice. It contains an equally tiny transponder that transmits information (your pet’s microchip ID number) back to a scanner when exposed to concentrated radio waves emitted by the scanner. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s microchip wearing out and ceasing to function. Microchips last longer than the average dog and cat lifespan, so you also don’t have to worry about getting a replacement.

What to Expect from a Microchipping Procedure in Lake City, FL

 Cat and dog microchipping is quick and easy. You can schedule a standalone appointment to have it done, or you can opt to have it done while your pet is under sedation for their spay or neuter, teeth cleaning, or other procedure. To place the microchip, it needs to be injected under the skin, right between your pet’s shoulder blades. This takes just a second and should not cause your pet any pain.

As soon as you can following the procedure, you need to go online (using the information we provide you with) to register the microchip under your name and contact information. A microchip is useless if it isn’t registered, so don’t forget! And if you and your pet end up moving, you’ll need to go in and update your contact information accordingly. Have questions? Call us at (386) 755-0236.