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can dogs get a fever lake city fl

Can Dogs Get a Fever?

Can Dogs Get a Fever? Dogs, like humans, suffer from fevers from time to time. A fever occurs when the canine’s temperature is higher than average. The typical temperature for a dog varies from about 99.5 degrees to 102.5 degrees. A temperature above 103 degrees is considered an abnormal temperature in canines. If their temperature…

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reverse sneezing in cats lake city fl

Reverse Sneezing in Cats: Why is My Cat Doing it and is it Normal?

Reverse Sneezing in Cats: Why is My Cat Doing it and is it Normal? Reverse sneezing is a defense mechanism your cat utilizes when something triggers spasms in the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. The noise produced can be alarming, especially if you do not know what a reverse sneeze is. The causes of reverse sneezing…

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how to treat head pressing in dogs

Head Pressing in Dogs: Why Your Dog is Pressing its Head Against the Wall

Head Pressing in Dogs: Why Your Dog is Pressing its Head Against the Wall Head pressing in dogs can be indicative of a serious health issue. The dog will press their head into a solid object repetitively in an attempt to try and get some relief. If your dog is pressing their head into the…

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parvo in dogs lake city fl

What You Need to Know About Parvo in Puppies

Puppies can be susceptible to many illnesses because they do not have fully developed immune systems. Parvo is a common virus in puppies, and it is hazardous to unvaccinated pups. It is essential to protect your puppy from parvo with the parvo vaccination. It is rare for vaccinated pups to get parvo. During the time…

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why is my dog licking me lake city fl

Why is My Dog Licking Me?

Have you ever wondered why your pup licks you so much? Licking is a behavior your dog learned when they were a puppy. It makes them feel relaxed and secure. There are many explanations why your pup may constantly be giving you smooches. Your dog could be licking you because they are demonstrating their affection…

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signs and length of cat pregnancy lake city fl

Cat Pregnancy: How Long Are Cats Pregnant and What Are the Stages?

If you have a pregnant cat, you want to know and understand the stages so that you can help her prepare for her babies. Nothing is more important than the health and happiness of your fur baby and her little ones. The typical cat pregnancy will last between 63 to 65 days, or about nine…

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dog spay and neuter lake city fl

Benefits of Spay and Neuter in Dogs

When it comes to spaying and neutering your pup, there can be lots of questions. It can be a difficult decision to make, but the benefits of spaying and neutering your dog are unmatched. The benefits of spaying and neutering include controlling the animal population in shelters, as well as cost, health, and behavior advantages.…

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what to do if your pet is having an emergency lake city fl

What to Do If Your Pet is Having an Emergency?

Our pets are beloved members of our family, and we would be devastated if anything bad ever happened to them. We never plan on our pets having an emergency, but what do we do if it happens? During a pet emergency, remember to stay calm, assess the situation, and call a veterinarian right away. From…

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best hypoallergenic dog breeds lake city fl

The Best Hypoallergenic Dogs for People with Allergies

Dogs are a human’s best friend, but what about when us humans are allergic to them? If you want to add a furry friend to your family but are allergic to dogs, you should be looking for what is referred to as a hypoallergenic dog. The Basenji, for example, is a great hypoallergenic dog that…

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why do cats hiss cooper city fl

Why Is My Cat Hissing?

At one point or another, we have all seen our cats hiss. Whether it is because you picked them up the wrong way, or it is directed towards another cat in the family, cats use hissing to communicate. There are several explanations for why your cat chooses to use hissing as a way to express…

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