Should I Leave the TV on for My Dog?

Should I Leave the TV on for My Dog?

It has been suggested that television can be used to help dogs who have separation anxiety. Some pet parents say their pooch loves getting some tube time, while other pet parents say their dog could care less.

Every dog is different in what they find entertaining. Leaving the tv on for your canine companion when you leave the house can stimulate them mentally and help alleviate stress. Leaving the TV on could help reduce separation anxiety‘s effects on your dog. 

However, television cannot be a substitute for daily exercises like taking a walk and activities like food puzzles. If you want to know if you should leave the tv on for your dog, peruse this article.

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Can Dogs See TV?

The first question many pet parents ask when the subject of their dog watching TV is whether or not they can even see TV. The brief response is yes; canines can see tv. However, they can only see specific colors such as blue, green, and yellow.

This limited color visualization means that if your pup is watching tv and sees any of these colors, they will likely enjoy it more. If the tv is featuring colors they cannot distinguish, they will probably be disinterested. A dog’s eyes also see closer to 20/75, compared to the average human, who sees 20/20.

Most dogs like to sit close to the tv due to their lowered ability to perceive images. However, other dogs and animals are pretty interesting to them. Your canine companion is also more likely to respond to the noises made by animals on tv than to what they see.

How Can TV Benefit My Dog?

Have you ever wondered what your canine sees when they look at the television? There has been much implication to the notion that tv is suitable for dogs with separation anxiety. It may be correct for some pups, but ultimately, you understand your pup best. There has been some investigation conducted on the benefits of television for dogs. The following include ways tv can help your pup.

It Can Help Ease Separation Anxiety

separation anxiety tv dog

If your canine has separation anxiety, they have a tendency to feel lonely when you leave the house. Your pup needs to be occupied and connected to something to be able to relax and enjoy their time alone while you are off at work or running errands. If you are worried that your pup will be upset by your absence, leave the tv on for them, and at least they will not feel so alone.

It Engages Them Mentally

Dogs are like humans in that they require mental stimulation to be happy. Proper mental stimulation will alleviate your pup’s boredom. The tv will allow them to be engaged mentally. While toys are great for this purpose, sometimes a pup needs a little something extra to get through their time alone. In this case, the tv might do the trick.

It Can Help Them Feel Less Agitated

Your dog may be easily agitated by various stimuli, and leaving the tv on can help them become more exposed so that they do not react in a startled or negative way. If you have a pup that gets upset and barks at you every time you leave the house, the tv can settle them down and make them feel less fretful and anxious.

It Teaches Them to Tolerate Different Noises

Dogs will often overreact to certain noises. These noises include:

  • Fireworks going off
  • Thunder or lightning
  • Doorbell ringing
  • Vacuum cleaner

If your dog starts to hear the tv regularly, they may not get so upset about the above noises. If noise truly frightens your dog, you can purchase them a Thundershirt, which will help ease their anxiety.

It Can Help Promote Relaxation

Dogs can get restless when their pet parents are not home. They may be jumpy or jittery and pace around a lot. The television can help them calm down and promote relaxation. If you get into the habit of leaving the tv on for them, they may get used to it, as it can help reassure your pup that you will come back.

It Can Help Decrease Destructive Behavior

If your dog is left home for the day without mental stimulation, they can perform the following destructive behaviors:

  • Chew on furniture
  • Dig at doorways
  • Gnaw at windowsills
  • Destroy household items

Turning on the tv can change all of this for your dog. They become relaxed and far more interested in what they are watching than they would be in performing unwanted behaviors that could harm them.

It Can Help Lower Stress

Stress is linked to many health problems and mood disorders in people, and dogs are no different. A stressed pup may start panting and have an increased heart rate. They may also experience appetite loss and a behavior change and become anxious or depressed. Leaving the tv on when you are not home can help lower their stress levels.

It Can Help Control Barking and Howling

Dogs with separation anxiety will often bark and howl when they are separated from their pet parent. Some of the barking behavior could be due to boredom, fear, or restlessness. When left alone, your dog’s barking is persistent and very specific. Generally, your pup will bark when they are left alone. Leaving the tv on for your canine can improve control of their barking.

What is Dog TV?

what is dog tv

Pups need their own unique form of entertainment to be happy. That’s where Dog TV comes into play. Dog TV is the first and only television network specifically designed for dogs. It was created to suit the average canine’s attention span, which is between three to five minutes.

Dog tv is broken up into three different parts:

  • Stimulation
  • Relaxation
  • Exposure

Dogs love to see other dogs on tv. However, they do not like other barking dogs. Therefore, the soundtrack to dog tv is soothing music. Pups also tend to like landscapes and watching the outdoors on tv. They often react favorably to anything that motivates play.

Dog TV can be viewed on Dog TV’s Youtube channel, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.


While tv could never compare to exercise and family, your dog may appreciate it if you leave the tv on for them. If your canine experiences separation anxiety, it would not hurt to try the television.

Do you have any additional questions regarding your pup and tv? Reach out to Lake City Animal Hospital in Lake City, FL at (386) 755-0236.

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