Best Dog Parks in Lake City, FL

Best Dog Parks in Lake City, FL


Lake City, Florida, has been known as the gateway to Florida since 1832. It is located between Jacksonville and Tallahassee near the major freeway intersection of I-10, which runs east and west, and I-75 running north and south across the United States. As of the 2020 census, Lake City’s population is around twelve thousand people and their dogs. Because we want our dogs to have outdoor adventures just as remarkable as the ones we have, we will take a look at a few destinations that are all about our dogs.


Dog Parks in Lake City Include:

Squirrel Ridge Park

One hour to the south, we found Squirrel Ridge Park, an outstanding human park that has a designated off-leash area for your dog. Squirrel Ridge is a free dog park that has considered everything a dog could need and want for getting the zoomies out. The park is divided into two sections allowing a safe, comfortable space for small dogs with intimidation issues to get their share of the outdoor fun.

Squirrel Ridge has a secure entry for those shifty ready-to-run dogs; in other words, they have put in a double-gated entrance for you to have a space to leash and unleash your dog. They have agility equipment for those pups who love to test their skills — two dog pools both in the shape of a dog biscuit. There are lots of shade trees, freshwater, and plenty of space to run. The most important feature of this park for us pet parents is the doggie bath area because, at the back of the park is every dog’s dream, a mud hole for getting good and dirty with new friends!

Dog playing at squirrel ridge park

Veterans Park Dog Park

Three acres feature a large dog and a small dog section in the larger fifty-acre complex of Veterans Memorial Park. There is lots of space for walking your dog through the park on their leash. Because they understand how much your dog enjoys a bit of off the leash romping about in their own fenced area, there is plenty of space for playing catch or chasing friends. Mature trees offer shade over picnic tables.

Water is available for refreshing your pup. Each branch of the armed forces is recognized with individual monuments and flags. After you and your dog have taken in this memorial to history and the future, your dog can enjoy a splash in one of the many pools inside the dog park.

Dog Wood Park of Jacksonville

Twenty-five glorious fenced acres where fitness, relaxation, and socialization will be enjoyed for you and your dog. Dog Wood Park wants you and your dog to have a fantastic experience in a safe environment. There is a fee to enter the park. You can choose a one-day adventure or join one of their membership programs. You need to have proof of rabies vaccines, and children under four must be carried or ride in a stroller. They have one you can use if you forget yours.

After you have checked into the office and they tell you all about what is inside the park, it is time for some running sniffing fun. Grab a frisbee or a ball and play a game of catch in one of the open fields. Take a walk or a run with your dog on one of the trails. Cheer for your dog as they test their skill on the agility equipment. Let your dog splish-splash in their dog lake as you sit back and relax, soaking in some sunshine or taking in the beautiful enjoyment in the shade. Suppose you have a small dog who prefers an environment with dogs of a similar size.

In that case, there is an area designated for dogs under twenty-five pounds. Do not worry; small dogs will not miss out on any of the fun. They have their own small dog swimming area, small dog agility activities, their field of running fun, and of course, trails for you and your dog to take that walk or a run. This amazing place to spend quality time as a family exploring, running, and swimming is a dog paradise.

Before you hop in the car for the ride back home, you can wash your dog, leaving the park dirt and mud behind. Dog Wood thought of everything for you in the self-serve bathing area. There are brushes and towels. If you don’t have your dog’s shampoo and conditioner, they have some on-site for purchase for an affordable cost. At Dog Wood, your dog will get out all their zoomies, get dirty, make new friends, get cleaned up, and go home a happy-tired dog.

Dog Wood Park Jacksonville Welcome Sign

Must Love Dogs Park and Daycare

Fifteen acres of mature shade tree fun with two ponds for loads of off-leash play. Dog members enjoy three-hundred-sixty-five days of daylight fun. The staff is attentive to the dogs caring for them as if they were their fur babies. The daycare option offered keeps your dog from sitting home alone, chewing up whatever they can find because they are bored.

At doggie daycare, they will get all of their energy out with hours of playtime. Even after you and your dog have enjoyed an afternoon of outdoor play, they have two washing stations, one outside, and the other inside, to leave their days fun behind, and they have plenty of towels. You can also opt for them to bathe your dog as part of the daycare service. All you have to do is let them know when you’ll be back, and your dog will be clean and dry.

BrewHound Dog Park and Bar

BrewHound is all about connecting people and their dogs to the great outdoors. This is one of the most elegant dog parks. There is lots of space for your dog to roam about making new playmates. The staff and the “Ruffaree’s” ensure everyone is safe while your puppies play. You can sit down enjoy a coffee, tea, beer, or glass of wine while your dog plays in the doggie splash pad running free on pet-friendly turf grass. The love of dogs is what inspired this idea at BrewHound.

They wanted to create a space all about human and dog community connections. BrewHound is a one-of-a-kind place where people come together and forge relationships over the shared love of pups. BrewHound’s unique access to the yard (the dog’s playground) is member-based. However, you can purchase a one-day pass if you are unsure about becoming a member. While you are there, if you decide that membership is the perfect thing for you and your pup, they will credit your membership purchase.

The porch is a covered cabin-like structure where people and dogs can mingle together, and you do not have to be a member to bring your dog in, but your dog does have to be on their leash in this area. BrewHound and their “Rufferee’s” offer special events for you and your pup. Just look on their website for upcoming events. You do have to have proof of vaccinations for your dog and you to become a member. They have made an easy application form on their website. Just remember to bring proof of the vaccinations on your first visit. In the yard, you will see a huge fountain, stainless steel tubs for the dogs to play in, plenty of water, poop bags, and antibacterial spray for any “accidents.”

Along with the “Rufferee’s” who are well trained, alert, and love their job. There is also a shop featuring organic food for the dogs, cool bandannas, and other fun dog accessories, plus some great-looking tee shirts and hoodies for the humans — all reasonably priced. The staff is very attentive to ensuring the dogs are cleaned up after. However, you are responsible for watching your dog and cleaning up after them. The “Ruffaree’s” is an extra set of eyes because it’s easy to lose track of your pup with how much room they have to roam and play.

Dogs playing at brewhound dog park + bar


Poochie’s Park

Our final dog heaven destination is Poochie’s Park, with eight acres of mature trees, open fields, and a couple of big swimming ponds. Also hosting twelve thousand square feet of clean, luxurious creature comfort filled indoor space. Poochie’s Park is member-based; you need to bring your dog’s records if you visit for a day or join a program. Poochie’s Park is more than just a park where you open the gate and watch your dog galivant off to make new friends.

If you are unsure how your dog will react to being off leash with other dogs, they have trained staff to help you with the process. They understand and are happy to help. They offer separate areas for large and small dogs. If your small dog is comfortable playing with the bigger dogs, they can play in the same area. There is a big pond for your dogs to swim a walking trail that leads to a large open field that is pond-free if you do not want your dog to get wet. The people who work there have a special love for dogs. It shows in the services they offer.

Lil’ Scouts one-on-one training and in-house training, an enrichment program focused on basic manners and skills. Lil’ Scouts Adventure Club is an extra outing in addition to their regular playtimes taught by our experienced trainers, the “Scout Leaders.” When your dog is part of this club, you can receive a daily postcard starring your dog with videos or photos sent daily via text or email. Doggie Day camp includes outdoor and indoor play, swimming time, running time, friend time.

The Pet Spa is where your dog can have a full grooming (haircut), de-shedding treatments, nail trim, nail buff, nail polish, face masks, brush-outs, and many other options. Poochie’s Park also offers special events for you and your fur babies to have memorable moments. You and your dog could be part of Valentine’s dog park party, a dog jog and park party, the annual Halloween costume party, their extraordinary Christmas doggie picture day, and much, much more.

For many events, they have their professional  PhoDOGrapher, who is ready to work with your pooch for the perfect pose. Make sure you reserve your time for this one-of-a-kind opportunity. Poochie’s Park has such a caring heart for dog’s they even have a program called Poochie’s Park Shelter Vacation which is all about dogs who are up for adoption. If you are looking for a dog or considering adding a pup to your pack, this is a fantastic environment to get to know these loving dogs. Poochie park also has an on-site vet and several bathing stations and options. This is the perfect dog day destination for a day of off-leash fun and making new friends.

Dog Playing at Poochies Park



Our dogs are a bundle of energy who fill our lives with daily delight. Even though these destinations are an hour’s drive away from Lake City, Florida, your dog will thank you for taking them on any of these spectacular adventures. Whether you’re looking for a place with walkability and a little off-leashing or a k-9’s dream, any of these will have you and your dog bonding with outdoor adventures.

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